Monday, 23 May 2011


It's with great pleasure we announce the latest releases on our label SLUM DUNK MUSIC.

They are: Tetine's 11th artist album 'Voodoo Dance & Other Stories & the compilation Uncorrupted Tropical Wave (1984-2011) featuring great hard-to find music by Duplexx, Satanique Samba Trio, Shiva Las Vegas, Tetine, Karine Alexandrino, Mueptemo, W, Divergencia Socialista, Objeto Amarelo & O Grito Mudo.

Both albums are available at all good stores including Itunes, Amazon, Turntable Lab, Boomkat etc etc.. Buy it here!

Uncorrupted Tropical Wave (1984-2011) is a compilation of tropically unconventional Brazilian music produced exclusively by DIY recording artists from several parts of Brazil - featuring unobvious tracks by Duplexx, Satanique Samba Trio, Tetine, Shiva Las Vegas, Objeto Amarelo, Karine Alexandrino, Mueptemo, W, Divergencia Socialista & O Grito Mudo.

Borne out of the Slum Dunk radio sessions - the weekly radio program hosted by Eliete Mejorado & Bruno Verner aired on Resonance Fm 104.4 in London from 2002 to 2008 - Uncorrupted Tropical Wave (1984-2011) gives continuity to releases such as Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca (Mr Bongo 2004) & The Sexual Life of The Savages - Underground Post Punk from Sao Paulo, (Soul Jazz Records 2005) breakthrough albums curated by Tetine

Based on a specific scene of overlooked Brazilian artists who have continuously produced music independently for a number of years around the cities of Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro & Brasilia, as well as, artists who have at some point worked together on music collaborations or art projects, the album brings an unusual mix of early tropical post punk, baile funk, post-samba, electronica, experimental drum machine pop, lo-fi, spoken word, new wave & ambient pieces, written between 1984-2011 and mostly self-released locally from cassette tapes to CDs and white labels.

It comes with 17 hard-to-find tracks written by local musicians, poets, artists & writers who kept their music identity intact along the years.

Uncorrupted Tropical Wave(1984-2011) is a fresh sample of the uncorrupted, politically inventive, naïve, dissent and unforced anti-mainstream sound actions that took place in the country as opposed to Brazil’s now well-known mainstream pop or the usual clichés made-for-export. Dig it & you'll find great music to your ears!


1. Lick My Favela – Tetine

2. Nova Quale – Duplexx

3. Me Chupa – Shiva Las Vegas

4. Ana Lidia Ressurection – Satanique Samba Trio

5. Shiva – Tetine

6. Meu Nome e Igual – Karine Alexandrino

7. Samba do Triz – Shiva Las Vegas vs Tetine

8. Tundra – Objeto Amarelo

9. Troglodita Predileto – Karine Alexandrino

10. Medo – Muepetmo

11. Futuro Sombra – Objeto Amarelo

12. Overgloss – Shiva Las Vegas

13. Thomas Morus Dub/Aqui & Aqui – Divergencia Socialista

14. Warplane Couple – W

15. Detetive G – O Grito Mudo

16. LCDCFA!! – Muepetmo

17. Wego – W

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